Some points you must know: How to select Hunting Camera / Trail Camera

Some points you must know: How to select Hunting Camera / Trail Camera

Hunting camera (also named Trail Camera or Game Camera) is a special kind of camera, so it will be very different from ordinary camera. It does not have the gorgeous appearance and exquisite size of ordinary cameras. It pays more attention to application. Its definition requires it to have higher reliability than ordinary cameras. Let me summarize the points that everyone is most concerned about as the criteria for choosing a hunting camera:How to select Hunting Camera / Game Camera

1. The image quality of the camera is available and clear. (It may not be comparable to the image quality of ordinary Japanese cameras, but it has made great progress in the past few years.)

2. The trigger speed when the camera is turned on. Start shooting time around 0.5S is a hot standard now. (Because the animals may disappear from your camera's angle of view when the shooting is too slow.)

The sensing distance of camera PIR is generally up to 20m.

3. The sensing distance of camera PIR is generally up to 20m. (If you can only shoot a few meters, then the camera's shooting range is too small.)

4. The standby time of the camera. (Because cameras are used in the wild, you cannot change the battery every day, so the cameras have to work a long time.)

5. The stability of the camera. (This is the information that the market can slowly feed back to everyone.)

6. Brightness of photos at night. (The effect is by infrared LED determined.)

Brightness of photos at night is by infrared LED determined.

7. The waterproof performance of the camera.

8. Whether there is LCD on the camera. (This is what you will find when you use it for a long time. You can't use PC to view photos every day, so LCD is very important.)

Our Blazevideo Hunting Cameras all have clear LCD screen to view photos and videos

The struction and the LCD screen of Hunting Camera / Game Camera

The above is an analysis from the main features and the perspective of use. Secondly, there are some things that will be very convenient if they are in use.

1. Password (protect the camera from being used by others)

2. Machine code (multiple machines can be directly identified on the camera according to the software machine number)

3. Regularly take pictures (when you put the camera at home, you go to work during the day and you are at home at night, you can set the camera worktime at 9:00 am --- 18:00 pm. So in the daytime, there will be more a pair of eyes in your home.)

Trail Cameral / Hunting Camera can protect your home security

All of the above are the needed advantages for hunting cameras.